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hide and seek

On the Cape last weekend we were at the Queeney’s annual cookout (hi nan!) and this year the Mackeys were there!&View full post »


Just uploading a bunch of pictures (read: 600) from last weekend and couldn’t wait to share these.  TheseView full post »


I couldn’t resist posting this here.  I had a shoot on Sunday with Roy, Kate, and baby Ben….he is justView full post »

sweet jane

Been to the sweet jane photography blog recently?  Have a bunch of recent sessions posted…including my mostView full post »

sam’s got the bug…

the photography bug, that is.  He has been completely obsessed with his fisher price digital camera that Granny andView full post »

little weed-picker

Well, dandelions are the best springtime invention for kids ever.  Sure, Jane!  Pick ALL the yellow flowersView full post »


That’s right….my boy is student of the month!  Seriously, could we BE more proud of this child? View full post »

a double shot….and three-year old logic

Jane was the lucky winner of TWO shots at the pediatrician yesterday.  Other than that fun stuff, she’s a-okView full post »

nobody likes me…everybody hates me….I think I’ll eat a….

I guess that not ALL bugs are bad and scary after all…..the kid LOVES worms. (and I KNOW you all are singing rightView full post »

the people at poison control are really very nice.

Yep. For the first time in my LIFE I had to call poison control.  Jane decided that a little taste of dishwasherView full post »

wednesdays with janie

like tuesdays with morrie….only not so much. I get Janie ALL TO MYSELF on Wednesdays.  TK works from home andView full post »


spring is in the air and everything is blooming…including Sam and Jane.  It amazes me that these kids couldView full post »

Yahoo! More Florida pictures!

Okay, so I am, what…three weeks behind in posting these??  Better late than never, I suppose…. JustView full post »

new banner, kids!

a cute picture of the girl from yesterday….I *splurged* on two shiny pinwheels yesterday…I always say that aView full post »

it was SO cute…for about a day.

"hatty dur-day doo doo.  hatty dur-day doo doo.  hatty dur-day doo doo." Janie girl’s versionView full post »

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